Who we are


Record Corner​​​​​ was opened in October 1958. Located in the centre of the small Surrey town of Godalming, we served as a hub for music fans all over, daring to bridge the gap between Classical enthusiasts and Pop listeners by creating a shop that catered to all genres of music. Whilst this didn't go down smoothly at first, we remained true to our beliefs, and to this day we pride ourselves on providing new Vinyl and CDs no matter how niche. 


In 2019 we began negotiations with KMRIA Records to combine forces, joining our brick and mortar location, extensive catalogue of brand new Vinyl and CD's, and 62 year-old know-how, with KMRIA Records HUGE selection of second-hand records, reputable online presence and unwavering passion for music. Since then, our team have been working hard to create the best possible Record Shop experience, re-doing the shop from the ground up, working daily to create the most accessible and affective website we can, and ensuring that all of our team have an extensive knowledge and love for music. All of this is done with one important goal in mind, to spread our passion for music as far and wide as we can.



​​KMRIA Records began life as a private collection, of around 3000 records, with a focus on quality original Indie, Punk and 70’s Rock.


It has since grown substantially, and with a network of music buyers throughout the UK and Ireland (and even one in South Africa!), we have been successful at acquiring great music whilst still maintaining our focus on niche areas.


As a rule, we try to only sell music that we like and listen to ourselves within those focused genres.


KMRIA Records, fundamentally, is all about the music, and sharing it with our customers.


Over the last year or so we have introduced some new genres of quality music such as British Blues and Prog/Psychedelic, and have resident experts curating these sections. 

We also now stock now the latest new releases and reissues from many of the leading independent labels.

And the name?

Ulysses : James Joyce - Chapter 2

 'Well, Mr Bloom said, his eyes returning, if I can get the design I suppose its worth a short par.  He'd give the ad I think.  I'll tell him......
He can kiss my royal Irish arse, Myles Crawford cried loudly over his shoulder'